10 Ekim 2013 Perşembe

Get born get slapped, and cry out loud Now walk and talk make your parents proud Be good at sports, play hard run fast keep on climbing the rope in gym class. Lift weights, be strong, know how to fight. Be safe and stay up all night Be tough be cool be full of pride Don’t show your sensitive side Go out with your friends but be a gentleman too Then find the perfect girl who’ll say I do Go check out a noise and never be scared Don’t waste your life on the couch in your underwear Rake the leaves, trim the hedge and mow the yard, Honey can you open this jar Have a kid it’s time for a family Before you know it you’ll have three Don’t use a map always know where you are Change a flat tire while they wait in the car You’ve reached the stage where you feel at ease You’ve come this far and it wasn’t a breeze You can take on anything, of course you can because you’re a man!